Windows 7 login ... Can I use my outlook login?

I have a laptop running Windows 7, and a tablet and all-in-one desktop running Windows 8. On my windows 8 machines, I log in with my outlook credentials. On Windows 7, it's my own created password. I've noticed that I have different One Drive accounts because of this. My question is, is there any way that I can log into my Windows 7 machine with my outlook credentials, so I can access the same One Drive account on all computers? I hope this question makes sense!

It's actually my outlook credentials, but the forum wouldn't let me enter the URL.

Thank you.

You can log into your different onedrive accounts on any machine/ can only login into you 8 machine with said MS account for that system.

The onedrive account is completely separate from the OS account, although you can use the same login info for both.

Thanks. I guess I don't know how to log out of One Drive on windows 7 so I can log back in...???

When you sign into onedrive, where you enter you email/ have a check box to tick to keep signed in. If you don't check that box, then when you close the onedrive page you're automatically signed out.


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