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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by tehmonkeh, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Good Morning, I hope you'll forgive a bit of a (probably) newbie question. I have avoided working with Vista since it's release due to the problems it had when it first came out, and general dislike of it etc. I recently decided to try windows 7 however, and I know it's got a LOT of similarities to Vista. I'm hoping i'm just missing something basic here, or wondering if this is even possible.

    I'm going to be using media player 12 to stream movies to my PS3 (or plan to, i've heard some people had issues) and I waned to setup three new area's that are on my HDD. They are digital copies of Movies, TV shows, and internet videos. going to windows explorer i'm able to add a new library for each, and add the folders and files etc I want to be included in that library. But when I connect to the media server, the new libraries don't show up. I added all the folders to the "videos" default library and they show up but are cumbersome and annoying to navigate to. (media server > videos > folders > "Movies > catagory sub folders > movie title)

    I think i've narrowed down the problem that the new library I created in windows explorer is not a library in windows media player 12. When I linked my folders to the "video" library in explorer, they started showing up in media player as well.

    I'm looking for a way to add *MY* libraries i've created in windows explorer, to the "library" area of media player. Is this possible?? If not, is there any other way to set this up so that it's easier to navigate for novice / newbie users? for example go to Media Server > Movies > Catagory Sub folder > movie title for others who may wish to use this but don't know how / where to locate it?

    It's not a major issue, and so far I've loved windows 7, just trying to make things more simple for other people who stream at the house, who are not as computer literate and have trouble navigating things as well as they should.

    Please help, if possible
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    Finally figured out how to do include custom folders, and remove the default windows ones as well:

    Go to Start
    Right click on Music and choose Properties
    This gets you to the Library Folders UI, so it should be fairly straightforward. Just add/remove folders here and Media Player 12 updates automatically.

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    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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