Windows 7 or Upgrade to Windows 10

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    hey al,

    would like some input on windows 10.
    i did the windows 10 preview and it was ok.
    i went ahead and installed windows 10.
    my question is should i keep it or should i stay with windows 7.
    one thing that i really don't like about windows 10 is all of the privacy intrusion and i understand that is something that has been around with google and all of the cell phones and probably even with windows 7. that is my only complaint. i know that i can adjust the privacy settings however i have also notice that after certain updates that they are switched back to the default settings. a plus for windows 10 is that it is going to be around for at least tens years and so that is a plus.

    windows lifecycle link.

    all input would be appreciated.
    the poorguy

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