Windows 7 PC Won't Connect To Internet. Internet working


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My husbands lenovo PC won't connect to the internet. The internet is working fine for my PC, his samsung galaxy s3 mini phone, and the PS3s.

His PC won't connect, though.

Please, can someone help me1 I don't know what the hell is going on with his PC! is it hardware, software?

I think a windows update may not be installed, because it would't install, last time I looked.

Is it because of that?

The internet went down yesterday, and was down for a bit. But were my pc went back to normal when it came back.

His still has the yellow star over the bars. It detects the internet, but it says 'limited connectivity'.

We tried installing 3 important updates, but one won't work.
The programmes found something. But it did'nnt fix it so far.

His avast antivirus is showing not working either.

Please, please, someone, anyone, help me! Is it hardware, software, what?

And please, please, put the answers in very simple language. No complex stuff, or I won't understand, at all.
Spell out every single step, or I will never understand it.

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