Windows 7 Windows 7 PDC 6801 leaked.


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Windows 7 PDC DVD build 6801 is now leaked on the internet. I'm not going to tell you where, though. Also, this build doesn't have the new start menu or task bar, that's Microsoft's internal demo, which is build 6933, which is not leaked.
Biting the bullet on the pre-beta

I'm sure some people that have acquired the pre-beta, either from actually attending the PDC conference or getting a version somewhere online, are interested in installing it to see how it runs.

Is there a working upgrade path for people who are already using Windows Vista? Can you upgrade an existing installation of Windows Vista to the pre-beta version of Windows 7?

Around this time with Vista I had installed a few early beta versions and they were sluggish, but from what I hear this is not the case with Windows 7. I had a Microsoft TechNet membership at this point in time and was being sent copies of Vista and was much more active in trying these early versions.

I think it would be interesting to read about the new OS from anyone that has actually tried Windows 7 Build 6801.
@Mike: Yes, Windows 7 Pre-beta installs (or upgrades directly from Vista) beautifully. It actually does upgrade a lot better. Instead of shoving everything into Windows.old it intergrates it with the new installation. Like magic. It's stable and I've only encountered one major bug (Aero doesn't work properly on the taskbar with my NVIDIA FX 5200, but that's irrevelent considering the taskbar is now obsolete). I've been running Windows 7 build 6801 for about 26 hours, and like I said only encountered 1 major bug. A few minor ones with software installation, but I got around those easy enough. :)
My savior is the fact that all Windows Vista drivers will work with Windows 7.
I mean, you need a 7-Certified video driver to enable glass, but other than that, you can use Vista drivers due to their internal similarities. That was a great move on MS' part.

the new taskbar in the 6801 build is far from complete. I have encountered many situations where when i put the computer into sleep or hibernation mode that it puts the computer to the basic theme instead of the aero theme. That means no preview windows, cool taskbar, or anything interesting
I'm currently using windows 7 as my primary OS, have no issues really...
aeros a bit sluggish, but all will be fine