windows 7 product key sticker worn

I've bought and repaired a 2nd hand laptop. Everything swell apart from trying to verify genuine windows.

The sticker on the base is all legible but for one group of numbers/letters.

Can anyone help me decipher? or have any clues?

I know win 7 keys are cheap, but it's the principle...



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download Majic jellybean it will tell the win number


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VMVQ2 or WMVQ2 to my old eyes... for a senond hand system I wouldn't assume genuine keys but would instead run the Belarc Advisor.
Get it from the resource page here Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit

Be warned that B-Advisor will show ALL system details including all your product keys so please be careful posting un-edited screenshots from it on open forums.

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