windows 7 quick launch and taskbar

The only think i still don't like in windows 7 is the quick launch bar and the taskbar,too.
I tried this link : Add the Quick Launch Bar to the Taskbar in Windows 7 :: the How-To Geek
but i just don't like it.
I hope that someone will modify it,soon.
If you have some links /informations/ about that,please post here or PM.
Thank in advance.

What do you not like about it?


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Hello and welcome,

Those are the correct steps.

let me try walking you through them

First, go to Start > Control panel > Folder Options. and click the View tab. scroll down and check Show hidden files, folders, and drives and click OK

Right-click on the taskbar, choose Toolbars > New Toolbar
In Windows Explorer, locate the C: drive letter, double-click on Users, double-click on your user name, double-click on AppData, double-click on roaming, double-click on Microsoft, double-=click on Internet explorer, select Quick launch and press the Select Folder button


Using toolbars is the only way to add the "quick launch" like feature back into Windows 7, and it works exactly like it did with XP and previous versions. The easiest thing to do is to create a folder and place all the shortcuts you want on the "quick launch" bar and create a new tool bar on the taskbar that points to that folder. I have 2 folders that I use for quick launch, one for my apps, and one for system shortcuts, like Control Panel, My Computer, Network, User directory, etc... Easy and works great, I don't even use the Pinning applications options.


The taskbar already works like the old quicklaunch menu did by default anyway as far as opening programs goes... ;)

If you do use gadgets, the best one for quick launch is AppLauncher.
I have only found a couple apps that don't like it, but the largest majority do.

Now,in the same picture / opened apps you've done,try to open one more Mozilla F ,and let's see how is looks like.
That's my point,actually. I wanna have them ( 2 Mozilla / or 2 whatever they are,same programs ) same like in my attachment.


here is how it looks to me

They shouldnt remove the side toolbars, it was so handly thing to have
When you want to open a new Mozilla windows,right next to those,do you have to right click on the Mozilla icon,in the quick launch?
Either just click the Mozilla icon in the quick launch ?

just click, why your`s different?
is your firefox pinned? cause mine isnt

Drew try find us a way to get our old hot toolbar back :(

Now,in the same picture / opened apps you've done,try to open one more Mozilla F ,and let's see how is looks like.
That's my point,actually. I wanna have them ( 2 Mozilla / or 2 whatever they are,same programs ) same like in my attachment.


Not sure what you are asking. I chose to combine windows. Nothing is "pinned" to my taskbar. If I choose never to combine, then it looks like your pic.


in this one :

it looks like firefox is pinned

Hey, I wonder if someone can help me. I have an iTunes shortcut on my taskbar. Yesterday I updated my iTunes. This morning, I turned my computer on, and tried to open iTunes using the icon on the Quick Launch, but it said "this action is only valid for products that are currently installed". I was able to open iTunes eventually from the shortcut on my desktop.

However, I'm now stuck with a shortcut on my taskbar that won't work, and I can't delete it. Nothing happens when I right-click the shortuct (which has now lost the iTunes icon and has been replaced by the icon Windows uses when it can't recognise a file type).

Is there a seperate location where I can go and delete this shortcut? There must be a folder which contains all the shortcuts on my taskbar which I can navigate to via Windows Explorer. Thanks!

did you pin the shortcut or it is a part of a toolbar?

I pinned it to the taskbar itself.

can you post a screenshot?
btw did you try unlocking the taskbar?


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In your last screenshot, do you have Firefox running?

if you are talking about this:

firefox is just pinned but its not running


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NOTE: this actually pertains to the notification area icons, but may work in your case as well. It will do no harm.

There is a member named Tepid who has the only solution that seems to work.

davehc also had a similar manual hack that worked as well, but I can't seem to locate it.

Download the attached zip file, extract and run it.

As for the others asking questions, I'm not even sure what you're trying to accomplish.

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