Windows 7 Windows 7 RC 64Bit, NVidia 185.85 Installation Problem


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Hi to all! I installed Windows 7 RC and installed nvidia drivers found on the windows update website. Not long ago Nvidia got up with a new driver version 185.85. I downloaded it and tried to install it. When I try to install this driver the screen flickers once and the installation continues. It takes about a minute to colmplete. After a window is displayed telling me that the driver cannot install. I didnt do anything to win 7 only installed windows update driver and then tried to download and install nvidia driver 185.85. I tried to disable automatic driver installation after I uninstalled the windows update display driver but when I restart the system it einstalls again without any warnings, etc. What can I do to solve this problem? :confused::(
Just updated from the nVidia Beta 185.18 x64 drivers to the 185.85 x64 WHQL drivers without a problem.

Have a look in the Device Manager and check in the 'Properties' of the Display Adapters - the driver version should read 185.11.8585 (mine previously read 185.11.1818). If it doesn't have this value, try updating the driver from the driver properties dialog box. You will first need to unzip the exe file (185.85_desktop_win7_64bit_international_whql.exe) using WinZip or WinRAR and then update via the drivers property dialog box - simply point it at the unzipped files when it asks you.

Just in case you had a bad download, the exe file is 124Mb and has the following file hashes:-
CRC32: 4C793E3A
MD5: FD2C7783B4639F3292C468467D28A22C
SHA-1: 7BC3AFA7F5C61A9EC5B25B057AEC3FE1F67089C7

It should also be digitally signed by nVidia

Also if you right click on your desktop and choose 'nVidia Control Panel' the properties (via the Help menu) should show the following:-
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Di you download the nvidia driver 185.85 directly from Nvidia's site?

Thay have released Windows 7 drivers and carol's shows up in her thumbnail