Windows 7 RC updates


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............Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, ............. IS that Clear enought???.............
By Adobe Reader, I presume that you mean Adobe Acrobat Reader??
By Adobe Flash, I presume you mean Adobe Flash CS4 (and not the Flash plugin for web sites)??

If so, then I have to say that Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash CS4 and even the Flash plugin are working fine on my system. To use Flash you must be using a 32-bit version of your browser, if you are using the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer, then unfortunately Adobe has not released a 64-bit version of its plugin yet and therefore will not show any flash based pages/parts of pages.

Sorry I don't use the other programs which you mention.


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I totally understand about the driver issue. But the install and update is not an driver issue. The fact the this system no longer print to my network where it could in a previos install. The flaky IE8 is not. The OS is great, it is sooo much faster than Vista in so many ways. But, it is broken.
that is in your opinion but i don't beleive your in a postion to say that until you have discovered the root cause and cure of your issues ?

print to network could be a problem with protocols or could be printer drivers ?
IE8 is a browser I hate and is something I only ever use if I really have to for access to microsoft updates but otherwise Opera is solid as a rock!

I understand how frustrating it can be to have something simple like print to network that's broken with no apparent cause or cure but I haven't found anything in Win7 RC1 to suggest the OS itself is broken ?


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I'm using Windows7 Release Candidate build 7100. Downloaded from MS directly.

I'm using AVAST, Adobe Reader/Flash, Silverlight, ImgBurn, MS Office, and IE 8 (which is fine) as well as other 3rd party programs...and no issues at all. Printers, and wireless networks, identified and running.

So tell us.... What build version are you using? And where did you download it from?

And what are these tweaking programs recommended for Windows7? Who recommended them? Frankly, I steer well clear of such 'tweak' programs, simply because of the risk of messing with the Registry, and given this OS is still not RTM final - there's a lot of additional code in the OS that's used for 'feedback' and 'logging'. Any of this code could be compromised by a 'tweak' program, and that could cause all sorts of issues across the OS.

Try a fresh download, a new disc image, and don't put any tweaking programs on the machine, and 'see' how things go. Then let us know if that has solved the problem(s)


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NO, I mean flash for web browsers, and yes Adobe Acrobat Reader. The tweaking programs have been those recommended by userts here. After trying them I've uninstalled most of them; curious mostly about them. The problems with IE8 are probably badly designed web sites. The printer setup is identical to a PREVIOUS install of win 7, which worked fine then, but now does not. The disk is FINE; it passed 3 differnet HASH checks and installed fine on the other test laptop I've done.

And what is the point of a BETA if you don't find where it breaks. . I'm not using this as my everday systems; I testing it so it can evole/become my everyday OS. I don't want a repeat of the Vista debacle; where before release all most eveyone screams about how great it was, and they pulled their head out when it came out. My experience is EVERY installon this machine (HP G50-133us) had different persistant issues.


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So tell us.... What build version are you using? And where did you download it from? You didn't answer these two questions.

So IE8 is okay after all, since you now say....."The problems with IE8 are probably badly designed web sites"

A very different tone to your previous postings...

All I can say is 'good luck' to you, but please don't dress personal experience as the opinion of many - as it clearly isn't Windows7 RC isn't a broken OS.

I'm leaving you to this thread, for try as I might to get straight answers to straight questions from you , all you reply with is half answers, and opinion.


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Sorry for the delay, and the "half-opions"; I've got my hands in many pots at the moment. I'm using RC 7100, downloaded direct from MS, with their own downloader, and checked against their 3 published HASH numbers. IT IS NOT THE DISK!! The feedback on IE8 was opinion: i THINK it may be bad web design; the fact is it still crashes/freezes on this and the previous installs.The glitches are NOT repeatable. I check Windows Update 3 or 4 times a day, and run SFC every couple of days.
hey seem to be having alot of issues. Why not just download again and try a fresh install?
this a a very good start for MS for an updated OS, and I checked your laptop specs and you should be able to run it fine. But if your going through that much grief....start over