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Hi, since I use a licensed Windows 7 I am getting automated updates from Microsoft. However, today when I started my PC I got a message from my antivirus software that critical update was required for my PC, specifically critically important update for MSXML services for SP2 for systems using 64 bit processors. Does anybody know what to do in such case?


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Have you tried updating the security app? Also which one are you actually using?

Hi, I am using trial version of Nod32 by Eset (Russia). Do you recommend any other anti-virus? On another forum a user suggested that there can be viruses that are not detected by doing scanning and suggested that I use anti-virus that detects sleeping viruses when the operating system is actually loaded on my PC. Do you think it is a valid judgement?


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A GREAT, FREE alternative is Microsoft Security Essentials - easy on resources, fair detection rates and runs quietly in the background.

If you want to stick to Nod32, by all means run the update, since it's probably required anyway and unless there is some malicious activity going on, it's safe.

Welcome to the forums, by the way :)

Hi, Mitchell. Thank you for a tip. I didnt know Microsoft had this product and I will certainly try it. From what I gather, my PC might have a new kind of virus, undetectable by running a scan. Allegedly, the virus removed some files from folders, leaving other files intact. There is absolutely no possiblity that the removed files were lost by other causes, such as accidental deletion, power failure or hard disk problems. Since the virus might be something new updating anti-virus soft or trying another one makes little sense, at least at this stage. What would you suggest? Many thanks.


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You should run a scan with MalwareBytes Anti-Malware..

Download free version and run.
If it comes back clean, you should be good to go.
What exactly is the message when being asked to update?? If you could uupload a screenshot that would be great :)


Microsoft Security Essentials replaced Windows Live OneCare.. it's still a relatively new AV,

Hi, I resolved the issue with updates by simply by going to Microsoft updates center. But I have a bigger issue of lost data that might have been caused by a virus. So I will definitely use your recommendation for malware removal soft. Many thanks!

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