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    Hi there. Recently I purchased a product key for Windows 7 HP x64 over the phone for 108 dollars and was told that the price difference between product keys for Win 7 HP x64 and Win 7 Ult x64 was 0. I just cannot seem to remember where I purchased the product key, what number I called, I mean. With that being said, I need to purchase a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Product Key. Does anyone know (verified 100% positive sources only please) where I can purchase a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 product key? Thank you for the responses.

    PCDesigner Ryan
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    As far as I have the right picture, the product key comes with the purchase of the OS - that's how I got it. Purchasing independent product keys is, I believe, in fact a subordinate of piracy.

    Cannot help.
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    Pauli is totally correct.

    MS does offer what they call a "Product Key Card" for ......quote from MS "A Product Key card is another way to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 with a new PC. It includes a Product Key designed to activate Office software on one preloaded PC." So far I only see that for Office and not an OS. From what I've been able to find out on the net MS used to do that for the OS as well but due to piracy, MS has stopped doing that, So the product key card is only for Office now.

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