Windows 7 update last night and now my optical drives are gone

Last night i was using both my DVD and my CDrom drives just fine. Windows did some update last night and now the drives dont show up at all. Im not sure what to look for to fix this issue. I have made no other changes whatsoever in between the time that i used it just before powering down last night and when i turned it on today. It was working perfectly fine last night.

Thank you

*edit* i went into my bios and both my ide drives aren't showing up there either.

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Doesn't Win7 hide CD/DVD drives from Explorer view if there's no media in them?

ok, it wasn't a windows 7 problem at all. i was just being stupid. you can delete this thread admins

its actually kinda funny. basically my ide cable fell out of the slot on my MB. IMA DORK. :)


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If you haven't already done so. Go to search and type in hidden files. click on that and see it is checked to show hidden files.


well done premium supporter, that hit the nail on the head. :)

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