Windows 7 won't boot, even when trying to boot from CD

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by xzero1134, Sep 20, 2012.

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    I've had an ongoing war with my PC for four days now. I have Windows 7 and it refuses to start up. Originally I tried starting up normal, it gave me two choices: system repair or start as normal. If I chose normal it would show the windows logo then reset. If I chose repair it would turn black for several minutes, then go to a blue screen for several minutes and wouldn't move past that. So i tried to boot from CD. I have the option of installing windows or repair. I chose repair, once again it goes to the blue screen and nothing happens (and I've left it on this blue screen a good 15 min mind you.) Finally I submitted and decided to just re-install windows. it goes to the starting setup... and sits there indefinably. I don't know what else to try I'm all out of options, please help!
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    Is this a commercial install disk or one you downloaded and burned? If you downloaded try downloading again and do the hash check and burn at a slow speed of not greater that 4X. This may sound dumb but unplug the power to the PC for about 15 min sometimes that clears cobbwebs in the BIOS. Also post specs for your PC.
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    Is this an old install or a new one?

    Have you tried the "Last Known Good" option, since possibly a driver has been loaded that is causing problems?

    If you are saying, you boot to the DVD, then select Repair your Computer on the second window, and it blue screens, that is one place the hard drive is accessed and maybe a SATA driver. But otherwise, I see no reason it should blue screen,at that point, before you are able to access any of the Repair options.
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    If you have two sticks of memory try using one at time might be a RAM problem.

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