Windows 7 wont boot-just black screen

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by emilyd, Oct 5, 2010.

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    I have a new Dell 1545 laptop (bought in Dec of 09) that came preloaded with Windows 7. I havent had any major problems with it but the other day when i tried to start it it flashed the Dell screen (with blue bar at bottom) like normal, then goes to a black screen with a flashing cursor at top left. Thats it, doesnt go anywhere. I can get to boot options and to system info (? - F2 & F12) but F8 does nothing. Theres no opt for me to get to safe mode. I can run system diagnostics which I did for every test I can and everything passes. I can use the boot from CD/DVD opt with my drivers repairs disk but when I put the windows 7 repair disk in it doesnt do anything, except my CD/DVD drive gets really loud! Ive called dell and after doing everything Ive already done they said its not a hard drive issue but that I'll have to reload the software and loose everything on my computer! (I havent backed up a ton of photos from a recent trip yet!) Is there anything I can do to save my info, and how do I get the operating system back up?? My dad says I should be able to boot from disk and transfer the files to something else, then this possible? HELP!
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    If dell was kind enough to have given you a win 7 dvd there would be lots you can do, but with the repair/restore dvds they gave there isnt much.

    Are you absolutely sure you cant boot from the repair dvds?

    Is the dvd player enabled in the bios? can you get to the bios screen on boot?

    Let us know the answers so we can help you

    Ken J

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