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Hello everyone, I thought I'd make this one easy to read. I basically am stuck inside a boot-loop.

My actions: I thought I'd speed up my computer by getting rid of all my partition on my system drive and moving my windows 7 partition at the beginning of the the disk, as it was previously locating at the edge.

So I booted up gparted on xubuntu, deleted the extra partitions, moved windows 7 to all the way to the left, and expanded it to maximum size. The operation seemed to be a success.

Rebooted into windows 7 install disc, did the auto-repair then rebooted. The logo would show up, then disappear into a black screen as it normally would. Then my monitor would flash (no bsod, or maybe there was one but was too fast to see it?) then I would be back into my bios.

I performed "bootrec /fixmbr", "bootrec /scanos", "bootrec /rebuildbcd", and "bootsect /nt52 /mbr." The same problem persists. And more recently "sfc /scannow"

Interesting note: Before I executed the "bootrec" and "bootsect" commands, I had to select an OS from a list that the repair window would ask me to pick from. It listed one partition as it should, which was great. However, the "/scanos" and "/rebuildbcd" option both reported "0" in the amount of detected windows installations!

More details: Initially, after the windows logo on boot, I would receive a message that the program "autochk" could not be found. Then the computer would shutdown. So I decided to edit out the BootExecute value in the registry and set the value to an empty string for ControlSet001 and ControlSet002. I did this with chntpw on my xubuntu live-cd.
This DID get rid that problem, however the reboot still persists.

If anyone has any ideas that'd be great. Since the repair disc states in the "bootrec /scannow" command that I have zero installations, it may not be detecting certain files that denote a windows installation. Perhaps if i had these files then I would be able to boot?

I got a day left to finish an essay along with other computer-mandatory work, this is gonna suck if I can't boot my computer in time :(
Anytime you move the leading edge of a partition, it can be dangerous.

You might try booting into Safe Mode, it sounds like some driver is having a problem, or your boot system is messed up. That might be where the video changes resolution, or something else is being loaded. You can use msconfig.exe in Safe Mode and turn off all but essential Windows device drivers.

Bootsect /nt52 is for XP, is there some reason you tried that? The /nt60 switch is for the later OSes.

Since you do not go into detail about which partitions you removed, it is hard to tell the state of your system. But if you have an active partition on the drive, you should be able to run the Startup Repair three, or maybe 4 times because of the Bootsect command you used. Hopefully that will rebuild your boot system.
Oh sorry, I must have read the help incorrectly for bootsect, I misinterpreted "vista and older" I also forgot to mention that safe mode is not possible because of the same problem. A recent reboot however did show me a flicker of a blue color, so perhaps a memory dump was created, so where exactly would a bsod that fast place a dump file? The partitons I removed was of a partition dedicated for programs and the other was an older windows install which eventually shared the same purpose. As of now the only partition that exists is the current one.
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A dump file will be created where it you tell it, but usually in the Windows folder or Windows\Minidump folder if you have reset the options in the Advanced System Properties - Startup and Recovery. But it should be a file with a .dmp extension.

If you have not changed the settings for correcting a dump file, I suppose you cannot do that now.

You have to be very careful about which partitions you remove. Windows 7 will put its boot files in an active partition. If it happens to be an XP partition, it doesn't care.

Is there any way you could get a graphical partition picture we could check. A digital camera or phone make good pictures, and if your G-Parted utility cannot show the partitions, something like Partition Wizard can.

If it is relevant, Windows will not handle more than 4 primary partitions, or 3 primary and one extended, but it appears you only have the one partition now.
I'm not sure, the Windows partition is just a normal MBR partition. Have no extended partitions just 1 big normal MBR partition. 1 thing I'd like to point out however is that during safe mode the driver listings show all the drivers loading until disc.sys. I can only assume Windows has the proper boot files. do you still want a screenshot of G parted?
I also want to know if this solution I found works, another person with similar problems had to choose to install Windows 7 over his pre existing installation. Upon booting his computer, he saw the windows bootloader, and that it had 2 entries. the entries were is Windows 7 installation and the repairs setup entry. now I'm not sure what he chose, weather he chose to fully install or upgrade. but apparently, whatever he chose, the first half of the Windows installation had copied needed files. not sure whether I should attempt this or not, still looking for options though.

Here's my bluescreen that I was finally able to get:
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