Windows 7 x64 display issue

I am currently running the Windows 7 x64 Release Candidate, and have been having problems with my display. When accessing certain programs, the screen fills with a light blue. This looks as if it were a television picking up static, with horizontal static lines moving upwards on the screen.

This only happens when opening/acessing a program or item. I can currently use Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, iTunes x64, windows Media Center, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. I can also browse Libraries and make changes to the GUI and OS in general.

When downloading plugins and opening Windows Live Messenger, or accessing photos, this problem occurs. I have also observed it once when first attempting to install Windows 7. This problem does not resolve itself and a reboot is required.

I am currently using the following hardware:

ASUS Striker Extreme V1 680i SLi MB
Intel E6600
Lightscribe DVD/RW
Seagate HDD 7200
Pair of Corsair DDR2 2GB)

I am not overclocking or using power-saving features. I have deactivated these in the bios. All other settings are as default.

I have installed all drivers using the Windows Device manager, ensuring that they are fully up to date. Please ask if you require any futher information.

If anyone has the solution or a workaround to this I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance :)

hello ! your video drivers are up to date ?

7950GT driver updated

I can't find any ASUS Striker Extreme Ver 1 (680i) Motherboard drivers for Windows 7. I have however, just installed the latest GEFORCE (7950GT) drivers, which are apparently compatible with windows 7. This has made the problem worse, and now the screen does this seconds after logging in.

Yep, often the newest drivers are not the best ones.... Try to downgrade, I work with Nvidia drivers from Vista x64, which work perfectly. And from my experience, most drivers from pc producer site are stronger than the "original" ones from composants producers... And you shall not forget that RC is still not a final release, so bugs can happen. I installed today one game "3D PINBALL" just to see how it will be (as I had lot of problems in Vista with this game) and all works perfectly, so I don't know what to think.

Update; previous post on laptop. Back on PC running in safe mode, no problems with Live Messenger etc. Rolled back drivers and trying to boot again.


It definately seems to be the drivers. I rolled back which was fruitless, so removed the drivers completely. Everything works fine in normal mode, although it DOES look terrible ofc ^_^.

I'll try the vista drivers now.

I am still struck by the fact that this problem did occur during my initial attempt to install though :/

... and to no avail. I guess I'll have to wait until/if they add support for my card. Ah well.

Thanks for replying anyhow :)

The problem with Seven is that he tries to install the best drivers on first boot, which are not necessary the ones you need. You can check also the drivers update with this site (is in French but works fine) Mes Drivers - détection en ligne automatique de la configuration matérielle et des drivers compatibles the thing is to download the plug and then "lancer la detection" (launch detection) it will show all drivers you get on your machine and propose the newer ones if it exists...

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