Windows 7 XP mode doesn't work with Intel Chipset??

Is MS coming up with a solution for this? Over 75% of all PC's running today have an Intel Chipset. So are they going to solve the problem or just keep saying how great it nis when only about 25% of people out there can use this feature?

I have an intel chipset and XP Mode works fine for me.

So I have no idea what you are talking about.


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Kind of a bummer for most intel proccessors but if you have virtualization tech in proccessor you good to go my amd proccessor passed the test.


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Some instructions talk about turning things on in the bios, have you or did you need to do that?

Joe S

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Yes I had to go into bios and enable virtualization. After a HP bios update I had to do it a second time.

Yes,, it's true,, if you do not have hardware virtualization, XP Mode will not work.
it says it right on the MS site, so, it's not a secret.

So yes,,,, XP Mode does work on Intel Chipsets that support hardware virtualization.

You make it sound as though XP Mode doesn't work at all on Intel Chipsets which is 100% completely and utterly false.


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