Windows 8.1 clean install?

Hi I have a question. I bought my computer a few years ago. It came with windows xp, had a free upgrade to windows 7. I then purchased a windows 8 pro upgrade disk, installed that, and now I am running windows 8.1. Fast forward a few years, I've changed my computer case and lost everything but my windows 8 pro upgrade disk. I've read that you can not do a clean install with this disk without installing previous versions. What is the process of installing 8.1 and making sure my copy is valid and working. I want to totally reformat and start over fresh, but am worried that my key will not work if I install from the windows 8 pro upgrade disk. Thank you for any help.


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Here is a detailed set of instructions on how to clean install Windows 8 and 8.1.
Make sure you have your registration key handy before you start.

If the process works and Microsoft identifies this as a different computer then the original install, you may have to call and explain that the computer has been repaired and has a new mother board etc.

Or it may just let you do it with no issues.


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