Windows 8.1 File Explorer prevents a process minimised on the taskbar from restoring


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Often, when I open a File Explorer window, other minimized open programs with buttons on the taskbar will not come to the front when I click on the button. (I then need to minimize F.E. Alt-Esc doesn't do anything in this circumstance). This started happening suddenly, but a system restore did not cure it, nor did a 'refresh' - IE a reinstall of Windows 8.1. I associate the onset with installing Forte Agent, could be wrong. At the same time I got flickering windows - the current window would lose and regain focus many times a second. That is nearly gone after removing Agent and doing multiple thorough cleans. There is nothing about this on the Forte user forum.
Does anyone know anything about this?

btw, I'm not mistaking a minimized process for a closed, pinned one - it's not a about launching a program.
Windows is fully up to date.

Did you restart your pc?

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