Windows 8.1 freezes when multitasking

I've recently upgraded my computer with a new motherboard, cpu and ram and chose to install windows 8 over the old windows 7. Then I deleted the old windows files. I used to be able to run many applications at the same time on my old system, for example itunes, firefox and a game, but in Windows 8 it seems impossible to do it without the whole system freezing in an endless loading state. Last time it happened I was updating a game and playing Talisman(which is a low-spec game). I don't know if that's normal but I expected more of a newer Windows and better CPU.

But that's not all. Sometimes it crashes randomly when doing nothing at all. I can leave the computer on and go away for awhile to come back and find out it has recently restarted. I have already disabled some background processes that used to make my HD work at 100% when not running any programs and now it's better but it doesn't seem to be enough. Is there anything I can do to improve performance or should I get used to doing one task at a time?


ASUS M5 A97 Motherboard
AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz
HyperX Fury DDR3 1600MHz 8GB RAM


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Is your computer generating crash dumps when it reboots? (if not enable mini dumping). If there's dump files in your Windows\Minidump folder post them here to be analyzed.

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