Windows 8.1 reinstall

Hello everyone. My question is this: Once I have done a fresh windows reinstall, applied all of the windows updates, entered the different license keys, can I create a Windows 8.1 reinstallation media (DVD or USB) that includes all of the above so that I can save hours of reinstallation time? In other words what is the best method for this? Thank you!! :))

Use a 3rd party software that creates a system image, then you can use that image to reset/restore the system.

Hello bassfisher6522. I already have installed EaseUS ToDo Backup Free. Is that the kind of software you're referring to? Thanks for your quick reply! :)

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Yes...that one is highly recommended, though I've not used it personally. Although the video below is for 3.5 but you'll get the idea how/what to use it.


Ok thanks

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