Windows 8.1 services and other issues


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I managed to solve 90% of the issue but it created new issues and I don't want to reconfigure the system. I prefer to find a solution.

There is a lot of useless information on the net but I managed to find what I need except for one thing.

I want complete control over the boot up and login. I used the net to find the solution. There is a program called "Startup delayer". But the problem is that the PC would launch the program after I login which is not good in terms of speed. So I found the solution online on how to launch the program as a service to load before the login with an amazing program call "Alwaysup". It got the job done but the problem was that the service launches the program too slow. So If I would wait at the login screen for a min before login then everything is perfect. But If I login right away after it boots up then I need to still wait for it to load.

So what I need is to find a way to do one of two things. To load the service at a much earlier stage or delay the desktop loading for one minute after login to finish loading the service totally.

Now I know if I had HDD with raid 0 configuration or an SSD drive then this problem would not exist. The PC that I have is a 280$ laptop from Lenovo running on Intel I3 and with HDD bench mark of 50MB/s. According to a H/W monitor software the bus speed is 100Mhz (Purchased in the end of 2015). I don't know if the bus speed is correct as that is the speed of PIII motherboards. Maybe Lenovo assembles the super old hardware and sell them for cheaper prices.

After messing around with this issue. Two problems occurred but only for my profile as they don't not show up in other profiles. I lost the windows 8.1 ribbon and it has gone back to the older style but I would like to get it back to 8.1 UI ribbon for the explorer bar. The 2nd issue is that after Bootup it goes to the main users log screen (Which has all the users on the PC) instead of the where the last user login screen.


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I'm not really sure why you need that kind of control over the boot process. It's already optimized as far as all of the Windows services. Sounds like this utility you installed is causing services to boot up in the wrong order. Many of the services depend on other services to be running prior to their launch. The problem with what you're trying to accomplish is that if you try and start the utility too soon it won't load at all if it's missing dependencies and it will most likely screw up the entire boot process or cause additional issues to what you're already experiencing. If you want this utility loading sooner you would need to add it to a different service group that boots earlier . These settings are in the registry in HKLM\SYSTEM\Control and parts are in the Services subkey as well.