Windows 8.1 update crashes *.mov files even after removing KB2975719 - HELP

All of these "fixes" can help you to view your files but every time you change something or come away from the folder with .mov files then go back to it the process begins again and explorer crashes when you try to open the folder. As for taking ownership of your files that achieves nothing as you can't open the folder with the files in it.The problem is that Microsoft doesn't want you use Apple products via the Windows operating system and therefore cannot be bothered to find a permanent fix. As WestLondonGirl said further up this thread as soon as I can afford a MAC I'm off never to return. I must have wasted months over time trying to find and fix Windows errors but this is the worst one of the lot.

Oh yes I just remembered that as explorer crashes so does windows update which, as usual is taking 5 hours to complete a 5 minute task on any other operating system. Do you know if Microsoft has heard of broadband? I can download complete movies in half the time windows updates take to arrive and they're only measured in kilobytes rather than gigabytes

I have had this problem too with .mov files crashing in media player and movie maker. A work around I have found to be successful is to refresh the PC, which fixes all the faulty files and then turn off automatic update. Roll on windows 10!

You can use iDealshare VideoGo to convert MOV to Windows Media Player more supported WMV, AVI, ASF for playing MOV on all versions of Windows Media Player.

I've spent far too long on this today - but further exploration suggests the problem only happens on videos recorded on iOS versions prior to 7.1. For 7.1 and later it seems fine.

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