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Plzzzzz... help me....
How to get back the aero ui in windows 8... like that it was in win 7 and most recently in Windows 8 Consumer Preview tooo...
Is there any Way to somehow replace the files from Consumer preview to my windows 8 pro...?????
Or i'm gonna wait for an aero patch to be released...????

What to do now??? Can somebody suggest me???:upset:
Hello inspironatix,
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Unfortunately, you can't, Microsoft has removed the Aero Glass from Windows 8 RTM.

I guess I have grown accustomed to the look of Win 8 Pro. I did not notice a difference. In Win 7 I had many of the Aero things disabled anyway. They all use resources I prefer using on computing.
As Medicted60 has stated, if you had Aero on Windows 8, it would use up a lot more of your computer resources, for the fact that it's not calculating just a single color for the non-client area of the Windows form's, but what is behind that window, to give the illusion of a transparent blurred look. dwm.exe takes care of all of this, so if someone were to create a patch for it, they would have to tell dwm.exe how to draw the Windows through several Win32 API's.

After that it comes down to one question - Performance or style?