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I am researching the autorun functionality in Windows and am coming across conflicting/confusing information.

I understand Windows 8 automatically enables autorun by default - do you know which autorun keys, if any, are disabled (i.e. in Windows 7 only the label and icon keys are enabled for USB drives and all others are enabled for optical media)

Am I correct in saying this?


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I don't seem to be understanding exactly what you need. The reference to the "keys" is a little vague. Could you take a snipping tool picture and attach using the Upload a file option?

Otherwise, is the Autoplay option in the Control panel not what you are looking for?

Hi, thanks for replying. What I mean is that within an Autorun.inf file there are various commands such as OPEN and SHELLEXECUTE, LABEL etc. If I wanted to plug in a USB into Windows 8 and have a Powerpoint presentation start automatically then Windows will look at the OPEN command and start the presentation. Because of security reasons Windows 7 only pays attention to the LABEL and ICON commands.
My question is does Windows 8 run the EXECUTE command within an Autorun.inf file or is it disabled as it was with Windows 7 and only process the ICON and LABEL commands?

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