Windows 8 Browsers? Please help! Pages load broken??


I'm not sure how far you got with the original issue, but this seems to be a Samsung specific problem. In particular to do with the "support software" Samsung pre-load affecting browser caches somehow.

You can fix the problem temporarily by clearing your browser's cache so pages reload entirely.

This thread describes more about the problem and fixing it.

Windows 8 and CSS problems (FF 16 & 17) | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support

The conclusion seems to be to remove the "Support Center" from "Programs and Features". Then you probably still need to clear your browser's cache one last time.

This is what I've just done on mine - finger's crossed it works, as it was getting annoying.

Good luck!

I'm scheduled to send it in for repairs on Tuesday... They sent me a shipping label and said it would be shipped and fixed within 3-5 days.. And sorry about this, I understand it's a hardware error, the technician had told me himself, but I did not know at first.

I appreciate your assistance with everything. I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks. GL w/ it. I do recall some guy named Drew suggesting it was hardware. I'll mention this to him.

You're welcome... yes, keep us posted.


hi there, wow i cant tell u how long its taken me to find someone who has similar issues im having. ok, heres my story. just bought a samsung series 3 notebook model number 300e5c-a09 from best buy about 2 monthes ago. i pretty much had problems from the start. but i had already returned one asure laptop, so i was hesitent to go back again and bug the puter techs. i did bring it in before the 30days , but they kept telling me its just a windows 8 issue, and there was nothing that could be done. ok, sorry im jumping ahead. so the problems im having is about 2weeks ago, a new problem started. thats the jumping. the only thing i use my laptop for is getting on facebook and playing yoville. so the jumping as i was saying just started about 2weeks ago. ill be on the page, and its like someone just scrolled all the way to the top of the screen, but its the invisible man, cause i didnt do it. the problems ive had pretty much from the start, are pages not loading. sometimes it takes me 5 trys to load a page. pages going really snail speed to load. pictures , doesnt matter what pictures, just any pictures arnt loading, some will , some wont. i have tried google chrome, firefox, ie, opera, and one other one i forgot the name . so its happening on all these browsers. i do the clean the history, and cashe. i have the cleaner installed, supposably its a pretty good cleaning tool. i have webroot virus protector on my puter. i have tried taking it off, to see if the problems cleared up. no such luck. i have tired the recovery, both types. the one that doesnt delete your personally stuff u put on the puter. and the one that does delete your stuff u put on the puter. i tried removing the browsers and puting them back on. ive also had the blue screen thing come up on me a few times. ive heard weird sounds from the puter. but after the recovery those songs went away. whats frustrating is ive taken this laptop is so meny times to best buy, and they just keep saying its a windows 8 issue. the weird thing, is i havent come across anyone that uses windows 8 thats having the same issues. oh and i do have the updated lasted version of adobe flash player 11. yeah its been really frustrating cause i had to borrow the money to buy this laptop, and it doesnt even want to work right. i feel like so frustrated. i feel like bestbuy should put windows 7 on my puter and pay for it themselves. i mean, isnt the customer suppost to be happy with there purcase. it cost me 400.00 for this puter. and they tell me i have to pay 200.00 to get windows 7 on it. which is true. i know thats the price of it. but im really frustrated, they should throw in the windows 7, if they thinks its a windows 8 issue. im thinking about calling the corporate office, and seeing if they will do anything for me. i cant take the puter back cause its been 2mos. and u only have 1mos to take it back for a new one. well , i just wanted u all to know, im having issues to. oh, and we have had the cable guy out to replace the modem and fix the wires and everything. so its not the cable. ok, just wanted to sure your not the only one going through this. it might just be a samsung issue, it might be a windows 8 issue. im not sure. i wonder if theres a way u can check your harddrive and see it thats ok. ok , im teresa by the way, new here. just wanting to share my story,


1st let me welcome you to this Forum. :)

Now, I am going to be very candid w/ my remarks to you & it is said w/ great caring & sincerity. I am an IT Pro w/ my own IT Consulting company. This is said not @ all to get business but , to establish credibility. I am a Microsoft Partner & so is the company. I have beta tested Vista, Windows 7 AND Windows 8 for Microsoft & for End Users for several months prior to the final release of these Operating Systems. That said...

1. NO, none of this is a "Windows 8 issue"! It may be a Samsung issue but, no way it is an inherent Windows 8 issue!
2. Going backwards to Windows 7 is not a solution. Windows 8 is the better OS so, going backwards makes no sense.
3. From experience over several years w/ many clients of mine I have little enthusiasm for Best Buy.
4. Windows 8 comes w/ good security built in & adding Webroot was not necessary. I, also, have a lot more enthusiasm for the embedded security, a Microsoft product, than I do for Webroot. as an aside, I had 1 client where I was able to get the machine working well after I removed Webroot & replaced it w/ the same product that is native to Windows 8.
5. I have been running Windows 8 for about a year now and writing about it or responding to things about it in 5 tech forums for just as long. Nothing you mention is anything I have ever seen myself nor encountered in any forum 'til you, now.
6. IE10 which, is native to Windows 8 is an excellent browser & does not require Adobe Flash; Flash is built into the browser, already.
7. Makes me a bit nervous what "cleaner" or to what type of "cleaner" you refer. The only 'cleaner' I would ever recommend is CCleaner AND use only to clear junk files & such... I never use or recommend use of the registry component. So-called clearners that mess w/ the Registry are a bad idea.
8. One doesn't need a million browsers. You are not having a browser issue.

Windows 8 is a terrific OS. The best piece of work Microsoft has released to date. My own & countless others are 100% problem free.
Best Buy not w/standing, there is, @ least, a 1 Year Warranty from Samsung. Best Buy is copping out on you. Maybe all the Windows Updates didn't get installed, maybe adding Webroot caused problems, maybe it's hardware issues, maybe it's infections (malware).

Yes, there are diagnostic tools. Yes, there are tools to look for & remove disease. If it's software (virus, malware, conflicts) even if the cause was found AND removed that does not necessarily mean the damage (that was) done is removed, too.

But, now, let's sit back & be logical... you remove Webroot, nothing changes... you do a Refresh, nothing changes... you do a restore keeping nothing, nothing changes. Then you factor in the Windows 8, OF COURSE, normally, (as you say "nobody else") does not behave like this. Kinda suggests the hardware, the machine itself is @ fault.

I'll bet the kids @ Best Buy never told you to burn a Recovery Disc before you start using the thing... never told you security from Microsoft is built-in, that flash is built-in w/ IE10, that all the Windows Updates have to be installed before you start using the thing. or not to run Registry cleaners or tons of other helpful important info.

Education begets being empowered to look after (TLC) and use computers properly and for their good health and your problem free experience.

Stand your ground & do not let anyone blame Windows 8!!!! It is a very good Operating System and your scenario IS NOT TYPICAL!

In other words, Best Buy is feeding you a load of rubbish! Try contacting Samsung directly. Have an independent Consultant/Tech look @ it & hear the story. Be interesting to see if they don't, indeed, support what I have said.


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wow, i just wrote a long message and clicked reply and the message went bye bye. i quess i clicked the wrong button. im a dork. ok. i want to say thanks drew for the message. im alittle confused why your saying no one is having issues with windows 8. casue the message i was replying to, or rather thought i was, is called windows 8 browsers, page not loading, broken. to me that would say there is at least a problem with pages not loading. which i am also having. i have tried taking off webroot, it didnt do anything to make things better. my samsung came with norton. im not a big fan of norton. i dont use a billion browsers, i was just saying i have tried alot of browsers, including the most common google chrome, ie, and firefox, and others. none of them worked any better. i personally dont like windows 8, not just because of all the issues im having. but i just dont like it, i have several reasons. sorta hard to explain. its so different from windows vista or windows xp, which are the ones im used to. im old school. i like things the way they were. everyone has there own opinion. im sure u like it, since u work directly with it. and im sure u dont want to be the blame of an issue, meaning winows 8. bestbuy is telling me that windows 8 and facebook games arnt working together correctly. they say that eventually windows 8 will have an update that will fix the issue. its totally possible that its a samsung issue. i dont know why im having all the issues. theyve checked the harddrive and said its fine. i will not be buying another computer from bestbuy. i do feel like they just want to blame someone else when they cant figure the issue out. i think the cleaner was ccleaner. i dont have it on the puter anymore. i have recovered this computer 2times myself. the one that wipes out everything. still the issues are present. the weird thing i cant understand is why the jumping just started. i never did anything for it to happen. didnt download anything. no virues. oh theres no malware either. bestbuy did a test for that. i did a test on it as well. i would love to find a resolution for these issues. but i have tried so meny things, i really dont know what else there is i can do.

Sorry, guess I express myself better speaking than typing. I understood you to be wondering/asking if these were Windows 8 issues, widespread issues experienced by many or most people using Windows 8 & the cause being rooted in Windows 8 itself.

I was simply trying to say these are not normal, expect activities or behaviors of windows 8. And that most people are not having your problems & that I have had none; me not, everybody.

I have been in IT for many years. I have found people (including Best Buy & Future Shop kids) tend or often want to fundamentally blame the OS, Windows or Microsoft; this has been done before Windows 8. And oft times the OS is not to blame or the actual culprit or cause of anything by & of itself, @ all.

I, still, think you issues sound like hardware. There is nothing inherently wrong in or native to Windows 8 to account for the behavior... if so all installations of the OS would be acting the same.

I started w/ Win98 then, all the rest up to Windows 8. I'm old but, so glad I got comfy w/ Windows 8. Really impressed, enjoying it & would never go back to prior Windows. I keep VMs of XP, Vista & 7 for client support but, very much prefer Windows 8.

Hey, that's just me. Although, lately, recently, I'm hearing more & more people say they are impressed & like it and many of those did not start out liking it @ 1st.

And properly speaking, it did not come w/ (yuck) Norton... it came w/ Windows Defender. The OEM offered (an option) and only by going w/ Norton would Defender not be ON & in use. WD is part of Windows 8 & ON, by default... or until & unless something else is installed, thereby, shutting it off.

My best advice was that you contact Samsung directly. Your warranty is w/ them not, Best Buy.



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Have you run Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware and CCleaner?
I run CCleaner every day to remove cookies that I don't want.

If you haven't already done this I would give it a try.

If this is happening with both browsers then It sounds like some kind of Malware to me.

Possible it just reinfects it'self as soon as you restore.
After you have run these, then run "SFC /scannow" from the C:\ as administrator.


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