Windows 8 - defender / malware- PLEASE HEEEELP


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Hello everybody, have a problem. Somehow got and cannot get rid of it. Tried to apply some instructions from internet but cannot log on as Administrator, although I am the only person ever using this computer. Beside that my Defender is off but cannot switch it on, again needs Administrator. I am pretty much ignorant for PC but maybe somebody can help with simple instructions what to do. Specially how to turn on defender?? Please !


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Two things can turn defender off;
  • You have some 3rd party anti-virus program running and (since you can only have one at a time) therefore Defender has disabled itself.
  • You have malware that pretends to be an antivirus program to trick people into installing it from online.

There is not an administrator account in W8 because it's off by default so you are either logged in as a guest account, a local account or a Microsoft id account then you have permission granted by groups.

You can press [Windows key]+ [x] then press [a] to open a command prompt
net user [username] and press [enter] to display what groups you are a member of... note that [username] is a variable that you type your login name into so for example my [username] is ussnorway so i would type net user ussnorway and press [enter]

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Thank you very much.
I got rid of malware that hijacked my browsers using Spyhunter and then was able to turn defender back on.
Everything else turned back to normal, no asking to log as administrator or group policy, so I am happy now.
By the way I did what you suggested, and everything is exactly like on your screen shot, of course with mu user name:))
Happy holidays!

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Sorry for gatecrashing, i am having a malware issue myself atm that seems a bit trickier to get rid of. I ll be making a thread if anyone can help me out, i would greatly appreciate it.

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