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I did search the forums and couldn't find anything specific to Samsung so apologies if it has been covered.

I bought a Samsung Series 9 Notebook with 128GB SSD under the impression I would be able to delete all of the supplied software and recovery partition, and then install a fresh copy of Windows 8 with the OEM product key supplied with the laptop. I have since found out that I am sadly misguided as the key won't allow me to install Windows 8 from a retail DVD. Even worse I contacted Samsung and they said they wouldn't be able to send/sell me an OEM image as the OEM licence only allows me to install from the recovery partition, which includes all of the software I don't need. This is also useless to me as I need to recover the 20GB of disk space taken up by the recovery partition.

I pointed out that I had paid for Windows with the laptop and should be able to obtain a separate DVD but was told this is no longer the case. Does anyone know if this true or if there is any way around this problem ? I don't want to go to the expense of buying another copy of Windows when I already have a valid version on the laptop. I would be grateful for any help anyone can give me on this ?


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If you have not yet deleted the recovery partition it is possible to fashion an installer of types from the WIM file located on it.
Unfortunately this WIM file probably also contains all the bloatware that you do not want.
But it is an option, let me know if you have to resort to this and I may be able to find you some halfway decent instructions on how to perform the operation.


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I don't have an answer for you either, but I suppose the fact the key may be in the bios does not seem to keep the request for one from coming up?

There are sites that explain how to find the key your system was installed with, but since I do not have such a system, I cannot check the functionality.

Edit: Oh, you are doing the install as UEFI and not Legacy? I don't know for sure it if makes a difference, but using UEFI might allow the install to see the embedded key where Legacy may not.

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I've never had an issue with installing from a windows disk using the oem key. I've never tried it with windows 8 though. Samsung itself may block this, as they want you to use their version (probably along with a bunch of bloatware). If Samsung can't help you, then that's probably why.

Thanks for your answers. I am now booting from UEFI /Legacy and to make sure it would work I installed Windows 8 Pro from USB last night using a valid key from another PC by overriding the BIOS product key. However as I say I have paid for the laptop version of windows so would prefer to use that and keep using the other PC :).

I have managed to extract the inbuilt OEM key however if I can get hold of an OEM ISO I probably won't need this as the BIOS will automatically insert it for me. I agree they want us to use their build but I'm not sure I understand the reasoning :-(.

Josephur I still hope to avoid using their build but at least your method will allow me to remove the recovery partition and regain the 20Gb of space. Please could you give me some guidance on this so I can create the ISO if needed.

Thanks again.

Just a quick update. Look likes I have no choice but to use their build so please could you let me know the best way to create the iso. This could be my last Windows as it is all getting too much hassle :-(


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Did your system originally have Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro?

When you booted into the Install DVD, you did select the UEFI option for booting?

Do you know for sure you have access to the install.wim on the Recovery Partition. You may have to use Diskpart to assign a letter to the partition so you can check.

Otherwise, your drive has no partitions except the Recovery Partition?

I don't think it's MS OS as the problem as it is more of the new way the UEFI firmware is being used to embed the OEM key from the factory. I think its a security measure, which is becoming a big inconvenience, for those of use who want a system with out all that factory loaded bloatware. A sign of the times sort of speaking.

As it is right now, the only way to bypass this is to buy the retail version and clean install with that.

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You could in theory install the version off USB and then in an admin command prompt do a slmgr -ipk youroemkey to get up and running with a clean install of windows 8

It was Windows 8 and I did select UEFI, I'll check into the partitions. Thanks.

I agree it seems to be down to security but don't understand the logic.


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I suppose I am a little confused about exactly what you are trying to install using the OEM key. It sounds like you have an Windows 8 Pro install media on a Windows 8 system. If that was the case, the key would not be usable.

As Josephur mentions, if you have an install.wim, we can apply that image to the OS partition and rebuild your system, just as they do when they deploy installs. If you had a Recovery Drive, or had copied the contents of the Recovery partition to another location, as long as that image was available, the system can be repaired. I have seen information that would lead me to believe the bloatware is in another .wim file, so there is a possibility applying the basic image might allow you to have a system without it installed.

Also, any info about the current configuration would help. From a Command Prompt, you can use Diskpart to check the drive and its partitions. When you boot the Install DVD, hit Shift+F10 and a command prompt should come up. A camera works well for capturing information you can't capture directly in Windows.

If you decide to go through the process, you will become familiar with the Command Prompt.. ;)

I tried to install a retail version of Windows 8 Standard (not Pro) and it stated that my OEM key could not be used to install Windows 8 Retail. I have been told by Samsung that they will not supply me with any Windows media so I'll keep thinking about a selective recovery from the recover partition.


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When you are finished thinking, let us know. Just checking to make sure that is not what you meant with your prior post.

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