Windows 8 Windows 8 Snap screen?

Austin Garris

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Mar 19, 2013
Hi I just purchased a new laptop and the screen resolution is only 1280x600 so snap screen is disabled. What is a way to make it be enabled? there is always a way but i cant figure it out

Kudos to your sense of optimism.

To have Snap the screen or monitor must have a minimum 1366x768 resolution available. <-- This is the only determining factor to Snap being enabled or disabled.

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Hey Drew, I just changed my laptop settings to 1280x768 and I can still snap windows. Will check the rest of my settings for verification.

OK...I just went through all my resolution settings and every one of them, from 1366x758 to 800x600, I was able to use the snap feature in each. I wonder why.

I'm wondering if we are talking about the same "Snap"...

Both in Windows 8 & before it there is what is called 'Snap' or 'Rip n Snap'. This allows 2 windows to equally share the screen OR allows 'ripping' one site out of a tabbed browsing window of more than one site and 'snap' it & what's left.

This is done by Win+<-- & Win+--> and doesn't care about resolution.

The 'Snap' in Windows 8 that is supposed to require 1366x768 allows an APP to share the screen w/ the Desktop, to the left or right or share w/ another APP.

This is done from the APP (Switcher) Bar & is resolution dependent, @ least, supposedly.

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Yep...we are talking about the same thing. On my laptop it's running windows 7....I looked right over the windows 8 part...Damn, Damn Damn.....and that's when I came up with the flux capacitor.

You got a link to the resolution/snap requirements for windows 8.
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