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Sep 20, 2011
Oops, I entered this in the wrong place - I'm now starting a new thread for it.

Maybe you guys can help with this...

I've been editing a video using Sony Vegas. It's new for me, and I'm learning as I go. Yesterday, I wanted to create some Star Wars type titles, and remembered that the old Microsoft Movie Maker let people do this. So, I tried to run Movie Maker, but got an error message. After looking around on the internet, I learned about "Windows Essentials 2012" which added the features to allow Movie Maker to work.

Bottom line - this worked fine. Movie Maker (and a lot of other things) were added to my Win-8 computer.

Problem - Movie Maker used to have a "timeline" for editing, but it was missing. After reading various forums and articles, I found that this is nothing new - the brilliant folks at Microsoft decided that this was too complicated for a first-grader, so they removed it completely. The newer, "dumbed-down" version seems pretty worthless to me - more like a picture viewer for videos.

First question - is there any way to "fix" the new version of Win-8 Movie Maker to work the way the older versions did, many years ago?

Second question - if not, is it possible to find an older version of Movie Maker, back from when it was a more complete program, and get it to work using Windows 8 ?

My original goal was to simply create the video title, and add it to the video I am creating with the Sony software, but then I started thinking - how about all the people who might want to use Movie Maker the way they used to? Am I missing something obvious, or did Microsoft really cripple the program for good?


You're right I can't get it to run in Windows 8 either.

Nothing happens but an error message that just says "Error".
Compatibility mode didn't work.

I always ran the old one in Windows 7 for the reasons you outlined.
Many people have complained about the new one but it falls on deaf ears I guess.

I will suggest if you are serious about video editing that you look at Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

I've used Premiere Elements for a long time through a number of versions.

It always works great for me, and it's not expensive.

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This is a lot less then I paid when it first came out!

It has advanced features you won't fine in most video editing software i.e. it will automatically adjust background music when there is dialog and then raise it again after the narrator or actor stops talking etc.

I've never had any problems importing anything into it, video, audio, images at any resolution and while not being a true pro editing program it does a lot more then anything else I've tried.

Best part there's a free trial so you can find out if it suits you or not.
Some people do have issues with it on certain computers but on mine is runs great so the trial is a good idea.

Adobe - Download free trial version Adobe Premiere Elements 10 | Adobe

You should be able to find out if it will do what you want in the trial version.
I'm pretty sure you can do that.

Here's a link to a really short video I did last week.

My iPad Videos :: Vegetarian.mp4 video by nohjekim - Photobucket

I do these videos in full HD but they take a hit when I upload them.
But the original is very clear.


Ps. if you have any use for Photoshop this bundle is a good deal.

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A few short responses....

Downloading the Windows Essentials 2012 (not Windows Live Essentials) fixed Movie Maker for me. Don't do this if you're using Mesh though, as it will remove it.

I suspect I should get Premiere - eventually probably will - but for now, I'm using (translation: struggling with) Sony Vegas. Eventually I get it to do what I need. Thanks for the advice and suggestions, but I'm trying to learn too many new things at once, and I need to stop adding new things, and learn what I've already got - including Win 8, which is another battle.

Again... thanks!!