Help! Windows Movie Maker!

Microsoft is converting @live, @hotmail to email. Windows Live Essential Mail should not be used. The built-in Windows 10 App works just fine with Outlook. But all the rest of the Windows Live programs work fine with 10. Live Writer was great, but very few people use that publishing method anymore, so it's sort of a mute point.

Here's another one of my videos that visually explains where to find Movie Maker 2012 after it is installed, just like I explained in my earlier post.

But many people will be pleased if MS does provide MM in a Windows App.
I don't see 'windows essentials' in my programs.

Wait, just saw your post,

Could someone make a video? i'm really confused atm.

Ok, so I made it work. I downloaded wlarp.exe which deleted my previous install of windows essentials, after that, I rebooted and installed essentials again, this time movie maker works, thanks everyone for your help!

can i lock it somehow? ;-;


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That's good you got it fixed.:up: Thanks for sharing your final solution. what do you mean "lock it somehow"? Lock what, WMM, W10, what exactly??


Do I just leave the thread like this? If I've got my question answered?

You can mark it 'solved'. Of course, you solved it yourself!!!!

wait how do i mark it solved? ;-; im new

Well, on this forum, use the Best Answer button in the lower right.

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