Windows Blinds Removed Theme; Can't Open Programs

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by isabelfuller, Jun 29, 2014.

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    I had used windows blinds to put a theme on my computer. it was a safe program and I never heard anything about it. when I uninstalled it, it removed my current theme and the default one. Now, the images of programs have no icons and I can't open anything. Only spotify is working, and I tried shortcuts to open my programs but nothing is working. Normally where the X out button and minimize/maximize buttons are , disappeared and so did the toolbar. I can't click on windows explorer. I shut off my computer and nothing helped, I had to use my phone to post this. any help is needed. thanks.
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    You could try to restore your system. Since you seemingly don't get to Windows properly, do as follows:

    Before the Windows splash = "Starting Windows" press F8, that'll take you to to Safe Mode. It may take several tries, because pressing F8 is a rather delicate matter - if you miss it, restart and try again. When you get to Safe Mode, look for Recovery in Control Panel > Open System Restore > Next, then pick an "old enough" point - it may not show many points, but down left there is a choice to "Show more restore points".

    Hope this helps. For starters, at least.

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