Windows 8 Windows Classic folders in Personalize


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Oct 3, 2011
Hello everyone,

I had win7 and I would right click on the desktop hit Personalize,
in Personalize i would chose Windows Classic in Basic and High Contrast Themes
but i just upgraded to win8 and used the win7 shell thing my brother told me about
mostly everything looks like 7 but I have 8 cool but i cant get the folders to look the way i like them, the 7 shell didnt do it, is there a way to get my old folder look back?

Or is there a way to take files from win7 and add them to win8 so that i could get back to
Windows Classic folders in Personalize?

Thank you all so much


you can change the way a folder looks here:

Link Removed

If you want all your folders to look the same way then first click here for folder options:

Link Removed

Under 'View' click to apply to all folders:

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