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    This morning I spent 2 hours, that's right... 2 hours, installing Win 8 Pro. Win 7 takes about 30 minutes... and that's a full install from scratch. Anyway, after downgrading my laptop from Win 7 to 8 I re-ran the Windows Experience Index test. Not only did all of my scores drop by 0.1, but I noticed that they raised the bar from 7.9 to 9.9... so my CPU went from a 6.7 out of 7.9 to 6.6 out of 9.9. This might explain why after I installed 8 my computer is running as smooth as the Titanic's second voyage.

    And why, whenever I click on a program shortcut on my "Start Screen" does it open my "Desktop Screen" first. How does that make things faster? All I can say is Win 8 is shockingly bad.

    After doing a windows update it spent at least 20 minutes at Configuring Windows Updates 13%. Installing 14 updates has taken over an hour.

    Jeez... after "Configuring Windows Updates", my screen went black, so I assumed it was going to (finally) load windows... wrong... it's went back to Configuring Windows Updates". It started from the beginning and seems to be stuck at 13% again. How could anyone like this crap? This is making 7 look good by comparison (and I f'n HATE 7).

    I'm not the first I see

    And here

    I'm glad about 2 things.
    1. I use a good disc image program so I can have this garbage off my computer and be back to normal in around 10 minutes.
    2. I only paid $15 for that garbage, although I think the money would have been better spent if I used a fistful of singles after visiting the porcelain throne.
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    Oh buddy you have not scratched the surface of how badly thought out Windows 8 is on updates.
    I have to uninstall some of my drivers like my sound and video drivers then install windows 8 version for a update to work.
    If I do not do this the WINDOWS UPDATE NEVER FINISHES or says my hardware is unsupported.
    My hardware is a MacPro Quad core Xeon, the same exact specs as a DELL SERVER version.
    So quess what any HP and Dell with same hardware has to do the same thing.
    Now how is that for a crappy update software to the public?
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    My advice is to stick with 7 + Classic Shell :)

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