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I have created a homegroup in windows 8. I know the password, but I don't know the username it asks when I try to connect it from my iOS through Windows Samba/Share. I didn't add any username when creating homegroup. So I looked up on the internet and tried some suggestions like Account name or Computer name but that didn't work for me.

If you know about it, please help.


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Someone can correct me, if I'm wrong, but I don't believe Samba knows or cares anything about a Microsoft Windows "HomeGroup".
If you are being prompted for a username and password, I suspect if you use the machine name and a backslash followed by the Username and then the password for that username on the machine hosting the share it may work.

Just MachineName as username and my account password worked.
Thank you.

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OK.... I am surprised that you didn't have to include the username.
But, whatever works I guess.
Samba shares are not something I play around with very much so I'm glad that you were able to figure that out on your own.
Thanks for getting back to us and updating your thread with your solution.

One more thing, Videos(in my computer) takes time to load in iOS(Phone) through Samba. Why is wifi speed so slow? Both devices is near wifi router and no one else is using it much, so is this actually supposed to run like this or not? I read somewhere Samba is making this slow by limiting speed but I'm no sure.

Example : A regular video recorded in a smartphone.(720p)


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Not sure how much, if any, overhead Samba adds to the equation.
I do know that your wifi bus is shared across devices so minimizing any unneeded hosts on the network might help.
Also you may want to try experimenting with the encryption you're using. Various encryption methods can put a lot of overhead on wifi file transfers and streaming (if that's what you're doing).
To observe this you may want to try a brief experiment running your wifi network open (no encryption) just temporarily to see if that is causing the issue.
And additionally various security suites (anti-virus / firewalls on both or either end) can also put a great deal of overhead by scanning everything that passes by.

I tried with no encryption and it didn't work. And as for anti-virus sofwares, iOS - I don't have one, Windows 8 - Microsoft Defender(default and I think it does pretty good job at it.) Now I got a new app, Air Playit. It really gets the job done. There's an option called live convert which helps to load the video without buffering. I think this is better option than Samba.

Thank you for your help.


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Good to hear that there's "An App For That" :):)

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