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I bought a pc a few years back before Windows 8 was released so it had Windows 7 but for $15 you could buy Windows 8. I paid the $15 but have never installed it...just kept using Windows 7. I just got another pc but it does not have Windows installed. My question is, will I be able to install the Windows 8 version that I bought for the old pc onto the new pc without any issues? Im afraid if I do that it might invalidate my old pc that has Windows 7 installed. Thanks for any help.


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If it is a stand alone installer then yes but for $15 I'd think it was only an upgrade and in that case you do need to have a licenced copy of 7 on the machine first... upgrade or not, should be cleary printed somewhere on the disc?

Not sure if its an upgrade or not. It was a download. Im assuming if its an upgrade it will not install on the new pc correct? But if it is, it should install fine?

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