Windows is deactivated


I bought asus notebook
From 5 months installed windows 8.1 on it then I get partition recovery to my usb drive
And formated my hard then I restored my hard but it know deactivated what can I do please


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Sorry but this mess makes very little sence... I'll try to clear some of it up for you but this is just a guess.

1. Looks like your system started as windows 8 and you upgraded to 8.1... if so then your key will be for 8 and that is what you have to recover too.

2. What program did you use to make the usb backup? --- a good software like Acronis can make an exact image and that can be put back on after the hdd is formatted--- in this case the key will work without the need to go back to windows 8 first.

3. A screenshot of the error you get when you try to activate is always worth more than criptic translations but good luck with it.


Thanks for replying.
I had windows 8.1 then I make my usb recovery from this tutorial

Then I formatted my hard disk
And repartition it
Then I restored my windows from usb and everything is ok it's my windows 8.1, but need to
activated why this and how can I activated it cause I bought my notebook with this windows and I haven't serial no
For more clarification
Two images from activate error
And currently system properties




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As it stands now;

1. That error code is a generic "key blocked" and the cause is anything from system miss match (i.e. preview instead of pro) to already in use.

2. Try the wsreset.exe from an elevated (admin) command prompt first --- this should tell the Microsoft store to re-look at your account and that could (10%) be enough to remove the block.

The next options are of equal nuance;

1. Rebuild the system from scratch --- if the usb copy is corrupt because the cheapshit Microsoft software failed to copy all the files or the master files them self were already corrupt because of some malware then this step should do the trick.

2. Call the Microsoft activation help line from a normal phone… talk to a human and get into a commutable spot while they walk you through the issue. If it's your fault they will charge you up to $100 for the service, if it's not your fault then the service call is normally free.


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I have to ask, does your computer still have its recovery partition?
If so can you recover the computer to it's original factory state?

You would have to backup any data on the computer before you do this...

Copied from another web page.

The Asus Netbook possesses a very simple and quick to use restore utility. Restoration is available through a recovery partition, or from the recovery DVD that includes a utility for drivers (external DVD drive will be required). One part will be devoted to restoring from a USB key, for those who no longer have the recovery partition or external DVD drive, but it will still provide the DVD for purchase.

Getting started

Disable Boot Booster
  • The Boost Booster option will remove the bios screen of the Netbook at startup and this option is enabled by default on the purchase.
  • Turn on your Netbook normally, and immediately press the F2 key until you reach the Setup Utility, which allows access to the bios options, including Boost Booster.
  • Using the arrow keys, move to the Boot tab, then click the Boot Booster option. Press the Enter key, then turn the option to Disabled to disable it.
  • Go to the last tab, Exit and save changes.

Restore from the Recovery Partition
  • Start your Netbook and press the F9 key on your keyboard until you see a loading screen.
  • The restoration program prepares the files needed for the operation.
  • A message appears asking if you want to perform the operation. You will lose all files on your machine.
  • Confirm by clicking ?.
  • The restore process is done automatically, without any human intervention.
  • At the end of restoration, the machine will reboot on its own and make configurations.
  • A restart is performed again, and you find yourself on the setup process of Windows, same as the first boot after buying the Netbook.
Here's a fuzzy video covering the process...

You would have to update to Windows 8.1 again after doing this, but it should get everything back to the state that the serial number is recognised for.

Since you already activated it, it shouldn't have to be done again.



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First download and install Belarc Advisor, it will let you find your true Windows Registration Number.

The Windows Serial Number will follow the word key, (Key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX)

Once you know your serial number your best bet is probably just to call Microsoft and tell them you are having a problem activating your computer.

You could try this process....

  1. If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, and then click Search.

  2. Enter SLUI 04 in the search box, and then tap or click SLUI 04.

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
This runs some kind of automated system activation program, I can't tell you more then that, because I've never done it but it's worth a try.

Or Just contact Microsoft...



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I would just call Microsoft and explain to them your problem. I am sure they can help you out.


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You do have a serial number, you just don't know what it is.

It was used when the computer was built and is stored in it.
In earlier versions of Windows you used to be able to look and see what is was right in Windows but now they keep it hidden.

If you look in Belarc Advisor it will tell you what it is.



thanks all for help
in belarc results I got a lot of statistics

Microsoft - Internet Explorer ffff-ffff-ffff-ffff(Key: yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyy)
Microsoft - PowerShell zzzz-zzz-zzzz-zzzz
Microsoft - Windows 8.1 Single Language (x64) xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx(Key: none activated)e

I entered in windows activate the code of Microsoft - Windows 8.1 Single Language (x64)
but I got error in code

then I copied code of Microsoft - Internet Explorer (Key: yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyy)

then my windows activated succeffully

what I ask .this ok or there is something else to do ?