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    I am trying to figure out how to use Windows Media Player. Is there a very limited number of playlists that can be created and synced to an mp3 player? I have figured out how to sync playlists to my Sansa clip mp3 player but it seems like after five or six playlists the oldest playlist drops off the menu when a new one is created.

    After writing first paragraph I played around with the player and discovered if I hit the arrow by playlist on the menu all my playlists show up to the right. I guess the menu pain on the left only displays the last 5 playlists selected. It is really hard to find a lot of support. I have no idea what version of wmp is installed or where to find it. Many of the guides I have found when searching online seem to be for older version.

    I am going to rant just a little. I am an old guy that loves music. I also do not buy into the apple mania that seems to go around because their products seem very over priced, plus I think competition is very healthy for consumers. But it really seems hard to find active forums to get support for the Xbox music or the windows media player. I am hoping I just don't know where to look.

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