Windows 8 Windows Media player security upgrade

I am trying to transfer Overdrive (,odm) files into and ipod but it requires going through Windows Media Player
I need to install the security upgrade and when you go to the url and the page opens the upgrade button is greyed out. Is there anyway to get the player to accept the upgrade?
Yes there is and I think I wrote about it before but I can't find the post now.
First of all which version of both are you currently using? See attachment.


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When I initially had that same problem with the over drive media console insisting that media player needed a security upgrade, I tried a lot of different things.
The one that actually got me over the hump was here OneClickDigital - Download Player
I installed that OneClickDigital Media Manager for Windows and then I was able to get the OverDrive program to work again.
Hope that helps. And welcome to the forum.