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Ok, so here's a development. I compared the list of Services when the Troubleshooter is not working to the the list when it is working and there were only 2 changes. Here were the results:

When the Troubleshooter is working:
Background Intelligent Transfer Service Stopped
Cryptographic Services Started

When Troubleshooter Is Not Working:
Background Intelligent Transfer Service Started
Cryptographic Services Stopped

There was no change when turning the Background Intelligence Transfer Service on/off, but when I turn ON Cryptographic Services, the Troubleshooter instantly works! When I turn it off, the Troubleshooter instantly stops working again.

So I think this whole problem can be narrowed down to Cryptographic Services and whether it is on or not. It is currently set to Manual startup. Do you know if this would work permanently if it was set to Automatic? I'm going to try it anyway.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards :D

**Additional: A quick look around the net suggests that Cryptographic Services is supposed to be set to Automatic.

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You can try whatever you want, just keep track of any changes.

My Crypto services is set to an Automatic start.

You can try whatever you want, just keep track of any changes.

My Crypto services is set to an Automatic start.
Setting Cryptographic Services to Automatic has definitely solved this problem! Yay! :up:

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Thank you so much with this thread. I hope this solves my problem. I read all the way through and it seems to make sense. I have yet to try it out, but it looks and sounds like the right solution. Thank you so much! Again!


You are very welcome! I hope it does indeed solve your problem.

Kind Regards :D

I remedied the problem. I was working on my nephews laptop PC that would see wifi networks to connect to, but would not complete the link to the internet. It was hanging up and not receiving any data. Reinstalled the network adapter drivers, the solution above and cycled the unit through a shutdown/restart. The cache may have been full since they leave it on constantly for days at a time. Anyways. It connects to the internet now and is again a useful tool for his and their family. Cheers! It really helped out. It got me in the right mind set. Take Care. :)

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