Windows not activated after installing Media Center

I received an email from Microsoft telling me to use the serial for Media Center that I had, before the 31. of January. So that's what I did, but when my PC startet up, it told me that my copy of Windows could not be activated. However, my copy WAS activated before the upgrade, so what could have gone wrong? I got this error: 0xC004C4Aa

I tried activating offline (by phone) and that worked. But now my copy is activated with the Media Center-license, and not the one I installed Win8 with. Will this have any effect?


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My systems have been having some activation problems and I have also been getting e-mails about Media Center. Possibly because it is almost the end of the Special Offer period, some of the computers are resetting. I changed the network adapter on one system 2 days ago and that system showed up as not activated. After some time, it reactivated by itself.

Anyway, when you install Media Center, it changes the License Key and you cannot activate with the original Windows 8 key as long as Media Center is installed. If you reinstall the Basic Windows 8 Pro, you will have to use the Original License to activate that install and add Media Center again.

I keep a fairly recent system image, just in case strange things happen.

That sounds logical, but I'm still interested in knowing why it didn't activate automaticly after upgrade. I've done it before (in December) but I recently reinstalled Windows so I had to install Media Center again.


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It appears this was a mass mailing for all persons who requested a key for Media Center to remind them the installation had to be completed by Jan. 31st. I received 2 emails for my 2 emails even though both are activated.

Your installation is activated. Just check CP, System and see the Windows Is Activated info.

Your installation is activated. Just check CP, System and see the Windows Is Activated info.
I did that, and it wasn't activated. At first, it said I needed to reboot after the upgrade, because the activation could not be completed. Well, the reboot had no effect

I had the exact same thing happen to me....twice now I've had to use a tutorial and registry editor to return to windows pro with out WMC.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't use or really need WMC. If I had a TV tuner card and want to watch and record TV, movies and have quick and easy access to them, then yes WMC would be needed.

If one really needs WMC or just wants to have it to have it because it's free, then try using a different email and reacquire a different key and see if that will work.


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Try to remove Media Center by going back to Turn Windows Features On/Off and unchecking Media Center, then re-adding it using the key you were sent. There might have been a problem during your first attempt.


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