Windows Permissions for child folders

I have a question regarding windows folder permissions. I will try to give you an example of what I need:

Folder Structure:


I would like to give to an user a permission to see and edit only the folder SECOND.SECOND.FIRST.

So my question is: Do I have manually to block all the permissions of folder FIRST, THIRD, SECOND.FIRST? And Is there another way, because I have really a lot of folder in the parent folders before I get to the folder that I want to give permissions for edit to the user.


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1. Avoid having folders inside folders… it tends to make the path length an issue and slow down all your network traffic.

A d dive with two shared folders next to each other (D:\ kids movies and D:\ dads movies) is better/ faster than (D:\kids movies and D:\ kids movies\dads movies) having one inside the other.

2. If you have to share folders at different levels or to different groups then turn off the default parent permissions when making the shares… pro tip (except the backdoor account) = always share by groups, and never by persons because people get promoted and go on holidays so make “all_staff”, “bosses” and “department” groups then you can shuffle people around without stressing the network.

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