windows saying 32bit system, when it is 64


I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. When I tried to download driver support for grapics it said that I choosed wrong driver, and when i right clicked on my computer, it says i have 32 bit.

Any ideas? i have downloaded all updates.

Thanks in advance!

means you have 32-bit installed then - was it a clean install?

give hardware details

I got really desprate, I installed it again and it somehow seemd right. The first time I installed something happened in the end of the insallation, but it works now.

But I do have another wierd thing. I have a widescreen monitor, somehome windows get the resoulution so that a little of the screen is black. Aka the screen has been moved.
And this happends when I start every game I play, so that when the screen turns black.

I installed directly updated version of my graphic cars...

Thankfull for any tips.


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Is the screen clipping or are you seeing black sidebars in the game? Or is the monitor going completely black? If the monitor is going completely black, it could be entering a power save mode and something is wrong with it. If there are black sidebars while you're playing the game, it means that your screen resolution is too high for the game or that the resolution is not set right under the game settings.

If the game is clipping off the screen it means your monitor needs to be calibrated. To calibrate the monitor you can usually use the buttons on the monitor to accomplish this.

Do you use the analogue/vga port?

This can happen then and there is a picture-centring button on the monitor for that.

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