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Hi guys. Having recently read that Microsoft is now recommending that we should also include a third party antivirus on our machines, I downloaded avast free antivirus, My question is do I have to disable MSE and run manually. Can I install avast along with MSE or are they going to conflict? Does anyone run these programs at the same time?

only one antivirus in a system if two become overlapping, more memory usage, error in exe , and not advisable see avast free best , MSE is worst no prevention also. objective of company make difference For example Microsoft - OS ,avast - security , Norton -

Like bangar states, running more then one AV at a time can cause serious and irrevocable damage to the system. Only use one AV.


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Like the two above state. According to F-Secure's high level guy, in an interview, the best option is to have your whole security package come from one house - that was quite mind boggling for me, as I thought a pack built of various programs would be safer.

The main course in this Forum seems to be that Microsoft security is good and adequate. I have no doubt about their expertise. Personally I came to buy Avast Internet Security, it's worked fine, but to answer the question if I'm more secure than I would be with MSE... let the birds sing. I don't know. Since this whole Forum is running safely, I'd say the birds sing no. Most probably MSE works fine.

Sometimes, in Windows 95 and 98, it was recommended to have several security programs. But the times, The times they are A Changing

Lyrics: The times they are A Changing

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Personally I quit using MSE after I found it stopped 3 times. It also does very poor in tests at places that test AV products like AV Comparatives.

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