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I have two PC's running Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition. Except for the CPU, they are almost identical. They are both serving the same AD Domain.

In Settings -> Network & Internet -> Sharing Options, both have "Turn off network discovery" selected, and I cannot turn it on. That is, I can turn it on, but when I immediately go back it is turned off again.

One of the two servers is visible on the network anyway, the other is not. I want them both visible!

What am I missing? Why can't I set network discovery on permanently?



P.S. This is purely a hobbyist configuration, nothing mission critical.

Edit: the last time I tried to access the server from my laptop (Windows 10 Pro) I got a message that the date/time is different on the server, which simply is not true.
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It seems to be a problem with the time synchronization between the various systems on my network.

I restarted the w32time service on the server which was not visible, and now it works again.

This does not feel good, but for now the problem is solved.