Windows Seven won't shutdown properly

I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop. It recently won't shutdown properly. When I shut it down, it will be shutting down the machine, turn off the monitor but after then my power light is still on and I can hear the fan is still spinning. Any suggestion on how to resolve this? Thank you.

In the sys bios/power management it needs to be on S3 (STR) sleep mode - only then it will pwr off completely


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To check your system, there is a command to help identify problems.

Open a command window and type the following.

powercfg -energy

Wait for it to finish, make note of where the file is saved, and check it to see if you can change something or if your system has a problem.

As Agent Data mentioned, some systems are capable and some may not be. It might also show any software that is preventing the sleep mode from occuring.

It is always best to shutdown other utilities while running this test.

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