Windows Speech Recognition Trouble

Having some trouble with the Speech Recognition program. It hears my voice fine, it will do all the things I ask it to. However. Once in a while it will just stop working entirely and it will no longer respond to; 'Start Listening' or 'Stop Listening'.

I have also noticed that the macros for each are no longer functional. Which means that there must be something wrong with the program?

It makes the statement that it heard what I said but nothing actually happens. It's a very strange issue and I was hoping someone might have a little information on it.

Enabling the speech manually does not work either. It just sits there. It's very strange. Sometimes it will enable after about 3 minutes of sitting around.

Already Tried:
Restarting the Program
Restarting my Computer
Restarting the Speech Macro Program
Speaking in an obnoxiously high voice.
Enabling it manually

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