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Windows 7 Windows update&Activation issue

Microsoft Addict

New Member
Mar 5, 2009
Hi folks,
im new here and im facing some issues regarding windows update and windows online activation,im not sure if in any of the Group policy settings is blocking those to perform its actions but i cannot update my win7 and it gives me an error like this , Code: 8024402C i've read a bit about it and it says that problem is about my proxy settings,i already set it to automaticly detect its settings but no success and also added the windows update servers to my trusted list and it keeps giving the same error,kinda desperate here coz also my windows activation aint working at all,cant even open it and when i read the event logs it says could not perform SSP which i dont remember the error code and when i click on the activate now it doenst even pop up the windows...
any ideas of how can i solve those? just lil reminder that i only have 1 day left to activate my windows so if i dont in that time i might be losing all those settings and things ive got in it...
Please guys i need some assistance,if theres any specific rule that blocks any of those lemme know i really need the solution ASAP!!!
thx in advance and will be looking forward for the reply
Romulo Romero

OHH finally for some reason or some miracle maybe,my windows just activated by itself when it was only 0 days left:razz:.....ok here we go half of my problems solved just need some feedback regarding windows update issue:confused:....
will be looking forward for some clues...
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Both problems solved ,reinstalled win7 and updated it b4 anti virus instalation and it worked,kaspersky i may confess its a bit buggy and it sucks when u try to uninstall it and also has lotsof conflicts with windows updates even if turning firewall off coz i dun use third partys firewalls windows is the best one IMO...
Oh btw when i scanned with windows defender the kaspersky installation package(KIS) it recognized as a possible malware of unwantted soft...so i decided to take on a new AV and found out the avast to be the best one associated with A-squared anti spy....everything working smootly now!!
cya guys
Hi Bruinator in my case i had some conflicts with my win firewall it would sortof neutralize some settings...even if turning KIS Fwall off,dunno why,maybe that issue happened only with me...KIS is a MS recomended AV for win7 so i wont mess with it...
maybe if i d disabled the non plug an play KIS network redirector would solve my problem....
now ( i know u wont do thi but..) try to reinstall win7 and update it after that scan KIS install pack,it says its a possible malware i know it could be a false positive but MS is not use to do that....