Windows Update Error 80072F8F?

RESOLVED..Windows Update Error 80072F8F?

Hey guys, windows 7 has been acting very weird. When ever I try check for updates, I get the Error code 80072F8F. I have read about the time change thing, and I follow all the instructions to the T. Still nothing works, I also tried turning off my firewall just to see if that would make much of a difference.

It didn't. I'm running on Windows 7 RC Build: 7100. Im using AVG Free Anti-Virus, and I have been using it ever since I got windows 7. It has never gave me a problem before. I'm running the 64 Bit OS also, which is what i have been using trouble free since I got Win 7.

Also, I have been experiencing a lot of out of date security certificates on websites, and my Windows Live messenger just stopped working. I think I'm virus free because AVG didn't pick up anything, and I don't visit bad sites, or download anything.

Please give me a helpful hand here as I'm really disappointed that things are turning out this way.



Found out why Windows update wasn't working. Seemed to help after repairing the OS. Works good as new.

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