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Paul Simpson

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Trying to update 10074 I keep getting an update error.

Update for Windows 10 Insider Preview for x64-based Systems (KB3061161) - Error 0x8007000d
I have tried rebooting and doing a few searches on the net and found a few error codes the same but relating to win 7. Anyone else getting this error. I saw somewhere it could have something to do with Office 365 trial license keys but can't find the thread any more.


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Hello Paul.
Have you tried grabbing the ISO for 10074 from here
Burning that to a DVD or Thumb Drive and running the setup.exe from there from within your current installation to see if you can successfully upgrade using that method?

Failing that there are some instructions here relating to the DISM tool although there are many mixed and varied results regarding that tool, depending which build you currently have installed.


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An invalid data error would be more useful if they mentioned what data was invalid. Perhaps the download is being corrupted, or something else such as Office 365, is causing the update to have problems.

Are you running any special anti-virus or firewall? Is your current install an upgrade or clean from the .iso?

Do you have the check mark in the box for update things in addition to just Windows?

As Trouble mentions, you could download and try an in place upgrade or a clean install of 10074, the update should be available before you install Office 365. I wish I could help with the Office 365 situation, but I do not run it.

Edit: Looks like some more updates are available, KB3062095... I wonder what it might be..;)

Paul Simpson

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Thanks for the replys ppl. I got it working. What I think it was, I got an old ssd of a mate that still had windows 7 on, but I never formatted it before installing win10 so I think there could have been remnants of that OS left on the drive which knowing my mate was a pirated copy lol. Anyway I formatted it and done clean install and alls good now. Even Cortana is working for me now and thats a first.
As for office I never had that installed on this my main PC so it may have had nothing to do with that at all.


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Glad to hear that you managed to resolve your problem.
Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with the solution that worked for you.

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